Career Key Discovery (CKD), the hosted plug-in app used by clients and students

What is CKD?

CKD is a guided career and education advising solution that contains a scientifically valid Holland personality assessment with matches to careers and/or education programs.  It’s the place for discoverers to explore options, learn about them, and make a good decision.

What are CKD's benefits?

Studies show making a close match between one’s Holland personality (measured in CKD) and a career or program of study is more likely to lead to long-term success. For a career, it leads to higher job satisfaction, job performance and salaries. For a program or major, it leads to higher grades, sticking with that program, and graduating on time.

Career Key Central, the group action portal an organization uses

The Basics

What can I do with Career Key Central?

You can,

  • Set up and manage organization and students (discoverers’) access to Career Key Discovery (CKD)
  • See how discoverers are using CKD, including assessment results and their activity level
  • Take action to email and follow up with discoverers to provide them the right resources wherever they are in the decision making process
  • Advise discoverers with questions on what to do next in choosing a career or education program
  • Get advice and support for helping discoverers make good decisions
  • Learn what careers and/or education programs discoverers are most interested in
  • Learn what personality types are most common among your discoverers
  • Export discoverer data to use in other computer systems
  • Depending on the kind of account you have, purchase or renew subscriptions for CKD

How do I set up Career Key Central?

How do I set up Career Key Central for my organization?

  1. Invite a technical contact to set up and host the CKD plug in on your website.
  2. Invite colleagues to activate a Career Key Central user account.
  3. Publicize and/or invite your clients or students (discoverers) to begin using CKD

For more, visit Set Up My Organization

What’s the difference between Career Key Central’s user roles?

Managers and Counselors can occupy more than one role; here is a summary of each:

Owner/Customer Account manager: has full access to all account functions including creating and managing sponsored organizations, subscriptions, and billing. (Example: assistant director of admissions)

Organization Manager: has full access to a sponsored organization’s settings, plug ins, and discoverers’ information.

Counselor: has the same access as the Organization Manager, but cannot delete the Career Key Central account. (Example: advisor in the admissions department)

Technical contact: sets up your organization’s web page that hosts and displays CKD assessment. (example: web developer, web master)

How do I invite another user from my organization?

  1.  Go to the Gear icon at the top right of your Career Key Central page.
  2. Select My Organization.
  3. Click on the User Management tab and scroll down to Invite User.

Note: The invited user will not appear in the users list until they accept your invitation.

How do I get discoverers to start using CKD?

  1. Make the CKD app easy to find on your website.
  2. Publicize the hosted CKD app webpage to administrators, faculty, staff, and students or clients.
  3. Upload a list of discoverers and invite them using email in Let’s Connect.

To learn more, see Discovery Process Step-by-Step > Getting Started.

How do I look up a specific discoverer and their assessment results?

  1. Go to the main Dashboard > Discoverers and Progress, and enter the person’s name in the Search Box to the lower right.
  2. Click on the person’s name to see Discoverer Detail with assessment results.

Where do I find help answering questions about assessment results and advising discoverers?

To learn the basics about Assessment Results go to Discovery Process Step-by-Step > Assessment.

For more details and recommendations on advice, go to About the Assessment > Understand Results and Advise Discoverers.

How do I send an email to a discoverer?

Two options:

  1. Select that discoverer in Discoverers & Progress and click on the Bulk action button. Selecting Let’s Connect and choose the type of email you want to send.
  2. Go to Dashboard > Let’s Connect > Send Messages. Click on the Let’s Connect button at the top left. Select the type of email you want to send. Add the person’s name to the sender line and start typing. The person’s email will auto-fill the space.

What if discoverers cannot access the CKD app on my organization’s website?

First, go to the Gear icon > My Organization and check the Organization Info page for the available discoverers quantity. If there are no discoverers available, the subscription assigned to your organization may be inactive or expired.

If you’re in a sponsored organization without access to subscriptions and billing, check with your Organization Manager on the subscription’s status. If you do have access to subscriptions and billing, check on the subscription status. You may need to purchase a new subscription or add a block of discoverers, depending on your plan. See Account Administration for help on how to do that.

Report any error message to support@careerkey.org.  Someone will contact you and your organization.

Definitions - administration

Career Key Discovery (CKD): A guided career and education advising solution that contains a valid personality assessment with matches to careers and/or education programs.  It’s the place for discoverers to explore options, learn about them, and make a good decision.

Career Key Central: Customer action portal for an organization to offer Career Key Discovery to its students or clients with resources for guiding them toward successful career and education decisions.

CKD app: The application or “plug in” an organization hosts on their website, installed by their Technical Contact.

Discoverer: A person who accesses Career Key Discovery (CKD) to choose a career or education program.

Guide: People with your organization who are advising and supporting discoverers in choosing a career or education program.

User: Someone to whom an organization assigns a role in Career Key Central. Roles are, in order of full to least account access: Owner, Account Manager, Organization Manager, Counselor, Technical Contact.

Definitions - personality

Environment: Holland personality type, used interchangeably with Type.

Type: Holland personality type, used interchangeably with Environment.

Level: One of three levels Career Key designates each personality type score that show its impact on the discoverer: Thriving, Promising, and Challenging.

Thriving Environment: means discoverers are most likely to thrive and succeed in work or program environments like these (they match their highest scores).

Promising Environment: means discoverers may be comfortable in and succeed in work or program environments like these (they are fairly close to their highest scoring personality type).

Challenging Environment: means these work or program environments will likely be demanding and uncomfortable for the discoverer.

Definitions - discoverer detail

RIASEC 1 and 2: A person’s highest personality type and second highest type

Last Activity: The last time a discoverer visits the CKD app.

Last Contact: The last time an organization user emails a discoverer.

Group: A group of discoverers created by an organization.

Unassigned: A discoverer who has not been assigned to a group. This is usually someone who has entered the CKD app through the organization’s website that the organization has not manually uploaded into Career Key Central.

My Dashboard

What do the Discoverers' Progress circles mean?

To show how engaged your discoverers are (progress) and to help you take action to support them, we divide your total discoverers into four groups displayed as circles:

  1. Not Yet Started: discoverers who have been uploaded into Career Key Central or started, but have not yet completed the assessment.
  2. Completed Assessment: discoverers who completed the Career Key assessment but have not yet added any matching careers or programs of study to their list to explore in Career Profile.
  3. Started Profile: discoverers who have added at least one career or program to their list of options to explore in Career Profile.
  4. Returned to Profile: discoverers who have exited Career Key Discovery and returned at least once to review their assessment results and Career Profile list of options.

When you click on the action above each circle, you are shown the list of discoverers who achieved that level of progress. Select a bulk action, like a Let’s Connect email to follow up and encourage them to continue moving forward.

What is Create and Manage Groups?

Here you can create and upload a group of discoverers using a .csv file, or create a group out of existing discoverers to help you follow their progress and engage with them. Examples: Potential Applicants September 2019, or Class of 2020. You can also manage existing groups, like assigning them to colleagues and exporting group data.

What is Discoverers & Progress?

The Discoverers & Progress list displays all your discoverers and their progress.  You can search the list for a specific person, or filter the list by group, Holland personality type, level of progress in using CKD, or registration date.

What is Let's Connect?

This is your engagement hub where you follow up with discoverers using email templates we’ve designed for you or a custom message you create.