Getting Started

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Time to Complete

3 minutes


Welcome to Career Key Discovery (CKD)! In this experience, youth and adult discoverers learn about themselves and identify matching career and education choices most likely to lead to their success and career well-being. Wherever discoverers are on their career journey, you can make it easy for them to get started.


  • Learn more about Career Key Central resources and how to use them
  • Become familiar with all the Discovery steps
  • Experience the assessment yourself by taking it
  • Get comfortable inviting discoverers into the CKD experience

Use Central’s Resources

We organize what you need to take action, and make action easy and effective. We intentionally call Career Key Central (Central) a group action portal and hope you’ll agree.

Discovery process step-by-step in-depth

We explain each Discovery step and within each step offer ideas and resources to help you work with discoverers. Whether you’re planning an outreach campaign, a workshop, or a one-on-one meeting, return here for support.

About the assessment

We describe in detail:

  • How the assessment works
  • How to interpret scores with tips for advising discoverers
  • How matching careers and education options are displayed to the discoverer
  • What information we show about each option
  • Psychometrics, like validity and reliability for more technical detail

Let’s connect

You can email discoverers directly from Central at any step of Discovery, whether you’re inviting them to start or helping them move forward with their final decision.  We’ve included suggested emails for you that you can customize to send relevant support and help.

Discovery Process Step-by-Step

For the discoverer, CKD consists of five general steps:

  1. Take the Assessment: in only ten minutes, they start learning more about their personality.
  2. Discover Options: Explore career and/or education options that match their top personality types. Identify options they want to learn more about and save and return to in their Career Profile.
  3. Research and Narrow: Take action to discover more about saved options in their Career Profile, from online searches to in-person informational interviews. Modify and narrow their short list over time based on what they learn.
  4. Make a Decision: Consider the big picture to evaluate options and make decisions, including pros and cons, and consequences to themselves and significant people in their lives.
  5. Plan and Perform: Make plans to carry out their decision.

Walk Through as a Discoverer

Part of getting ready to use CKD is to experience it yourself. Imagine you are in the place of the discoverer making a similar decision, and take the assessment with that in mind.

Review your assessment results and walk through the complete discovery process yourself. How did you edit your choices? What was important to you in making a decision? We’ve all made career and education choices and can relate to the opportunities and challenges they bring.

Your personal experience with the CKD will help you engage and answer questions with discoverers.

Complete the assessment now by visiting your organization’s host page for CKD — It takes 10 minutes or less.

Invite Discoverers

You can introduce discoverers to CKD in two ways:

  • Your website navigation: Bring visitors through your website to your web page hosting CKD
  • Email Invite: Invite them via email with a link to your web page hosting CKD

Both ways require discoverers either to register for a new account with your organization or be logged into an existing user account on your website. To learn how to host your CKD plug in or upload a list of discoverers you want to invite via email, please visit Set Up My Organization.

Get discoverers excited

With invitations sent, it’s time to motivate discoverers to invest themselves and begin the Discovery process. Some discoverers may be eager and jump right in, while others hesitate in choosing a career or education direction. There may be fear of missing out or making a decision that feels like getting locked in. Or a lack of urgency might lead them to put off the discovery process. Some discoverers face barriers like the lack of family support or a disability. Wherever discoverers are on their education journey, you have the tools to make it easy for them.

Tips for starting CKD

  • Share your CKD web page link with discoverers via SMS/Text or other methods (workshop, advertisement, social media) that capture their attention.
  • Use and customize email templates in Let’s Connect to invite discoverers to CKD and prompt their progress. They need to understand why it’s relevant and worth their time.
  • Please send us your feedback at on what’s working and questions you’d like answered, and we’ll respond and take action on it in Career Key Central.

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