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Use your customer account administration for financial, customer-wide tasks like managing your account information, subscriptions, billing, and sponsored organizations.

To Get Here

If you are a customer user, you will see “Account Administration” as an option from the Gear icon. If you do not see this option, you are a organization user only (see My Organization).  Then, use the column labels at the top to navigate between sections, starting with Account Info.


Learn how to:

Edit your account info, including the primary contact

See how many discoverers are available on your subscription

See your subscriptions at a glance

Add and manage subscriptions

Update your billing information and payment method

View your billing history

Create and sign in as one of your sponsored organizations

Account Info

Update this section with your organization logo to personalize Career Key Central for your team.

You can also update and assign your primary contact at any time. The primary contact is the same as the Account Manager, who receives all subscription and billing email notifications.

If you need to switch primary contacts, just click the Assign button and choose from one of the existing users in your primary sponsored organization. If it’s someone new to your organization, invite them first (and have them accept!) before assigning them as the new primary contact.

Your country and language can be edited in a future release. These selections do not impact the language in which your discoverers take the CKD assessment. That’s determined by the subscription you’ve purchased and the technical configuration for your CKD plug in.

Subscriptions Overview

At a glance, see how many new discoverers can register and take the assessment, based on the remaining quantity in your active subscriptions.

You can also check on details for your subscriptions like:

  • End/renewal date
  • Quantity and Usage to date
  • Status (if payment was received, it will be active. If not, it will be pending awaiting an offline payment like a check.)
  • Next payment due

Click on and scroll across the table to see all the details.

Use the Action button to edit a subscription’s custom label or a purchase order number for internal reference and usage tracking.

For example, this customer below is using a nonprofit grant to pay for a career fair they’re putting on, so they bought and labeled a subscription just for that purpose.

Adding, editing, or cancelling a subscription is handled in Billing, covered next.

Billing Overview

The main billing page is the Billing Overview. In this section, you can:

  • Add and purchase a new subscription
  • Manage an existing subscription
  • Edit your billing information
  • Edit your payment method

Add a Subscription

You can purchase a new subscription at any time. First, scroll down in Billing Overview to make sure your billing information and payment method is up to date.

Manage a Subscription

Options to manage a subscription depend on the type of plan: prepaid or auto renewal.  Start by,

1.     Selecting a subscription to manage.

2.     Click on “Manage Subscription” to show your options.


For prepaid subscriptions, you can add on one or more blocks of 25 discoverers before the end of your 2-year subscription term. You pay the per-user price based on your original subscription quantity. Whatever quantity you decide to add on, any unused discoverers expire at the end of your subscription term. You cannot cancel a prepaid subscription.

Auto Renewal

For auto renewal subscriptions, you can edit the recurring plan before it renews. You might want to do this to take advantage of a lower price if you are using more or less volume than the plan you originally purchased.

You can cancel an auto renewal subscription BUT, no refunds are issued and there are few advantages to doing so until your renewal date. We recommend you contact us first at to discuss the best option for you.

Billing information

Edit this information at any time.

Edit Payment Method

Edit your payment method at any time. Please note that our monthly auto renewal plans require a credit card, Pay Pal or ACH U.S. bank transfer payment method.

Billing History

View your history of invoices and payments.

You can filter by payment type and download invoices and receipts.


Organizations includes

  • Viewing a list of your sponsored organizations
  • Signing in as an organization to see their activity. Your “default” sponsored organization is the one automatically created when you purchase CKD. To access your default organization, select “My Organization” from the Gear Menu at the top right of Career Key Central.
  • Adding a sponsored organization

Add Organization

When you add an organization, you assign them to one of your active subscriptions. All plug ins for that organization use that subscription.

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